How You Can Use Honey To Improve Your Complexion

It is a known fact that honey in general is one of the best natural medicines that is able to cure anything and everything. This means that it is also the ideal med to improve your complexion too! Here are a few ways you can use honey to improve your complexion.

A face mask

With the natural components included in organic honey it is no wonder that dermatologists and even beauticians recommend this to be used on your face. Applying this on your skin would not only leave it hydrated but also soft and glowing. So to make sure you are able to enjoy the benefits of this yourself, apply raw honey on to your face and leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse and massage it off with water.


The cells in our skin naturally die after a certain time period. When these cells accumulate in a particular area they end up as black spots specially in areas like the nose, corners of the mouth, under the bottom lip and such. Therefore to avoid these from being accumulated and causing discoloration it is necessary that you exfoliate. One of the best exfoliators you could use for this is medicinal honey online. Apply it on to your skin in circles and leave it for a couple minutes and then wash off.

Cures blemishes or scars

There have been many researches that have found honey to be a natural wound healer especially because of the antioxidant properties in it. So if you are suffering from blemishes or acne scars on your face, the best thing to do is to apply raw honey on these scars in a circular motion, leave it for a couple minutes and then wash off. In addition to that, honey is also known to keep the skin balanced and hydrated therefore the production of oil on your face too could be controlled. So if there is ever a break out apply honey directly on to it and leave it for a couple minutes and then wash off. Visit this link if you want to buy raw honey.


In addition to the above honey is also good for your hair and many people also recommend using it as a conditioner. All you need to do is mmix a quarter of a cup of honey with water to thin it and apply it on to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with water. For best results use it twice a week. Start incorporating honey in to your beauty routine and enjoy the many benefits it would bring!